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Eat. Shop. Discover. Fresh. Get seasonal recipes, and discover local farms and restaurants using local, seasonal products. Always Haute and Fresh with Haute Farms.

Haute Farms is an online directory and food brokering firm highlighting seasonal ingredients and connecting local food systems.



A better world one Ingredient at a Time

At Haute Farms we dream of a world where farmers are treated with admiration and the highest respect. Our deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into feeding us all drives us forward. We strive to make Haute Farms not just a place where you can buy seasonal food or find a delicious recipe, but it is where you can have a real impact on the food system - making it stronger for many generations to come.

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Food Sales & Marketing

Our online market is an ethical alternative to big distributors that tend to undervalue ingredients and hide the farmer’s identity. When you purchase your ingredients through HF online you’re placing your order directly with a farmer. We simply provide an easy place for farms to join forces and sell their fresh produce to businesses and consumers. We make a genuine effort to value farmers' crops fairly, provide valuable support to each farm, and to create a transparent food system through recognition of each farm we work with. It is our mission to ensure farmers are treated like family when they work with Haute Farms. After all, they are the ones that feed us every day, so we show our gratitude through our undying commitment and dedication to each of them.

Cookbooks for a Cause

Imagine if the recipes you used each day actually made the world a better place. Well Haute Farms makes that a reality. Our efforts to explore seasonal ingredients through tasty recipes while supporting farm community's resulted in Cookbooks for a Cause. These charity cookbooks not only take you on a food journey as you explore delicious seasonal ingredients, but every time you purchase an HF cookbook you are making our food system better. Sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an edition.

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Haute Farms loves to connect farmers with knowledgeable individuals or organizations offering agricultural training in an effort to ensure farmers have access to the best training wherever they are located. Whether you are thinking about transitioning to organic, interested in dry farming techniques, have questions about pesticide safety, interested in new ingredients, or are interested in learning how to use new farm equipment, we can help. We are always looking for new trainers across the world, so contact us today if you need or would like to offer agricultural training in your area.