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Haute Farms Blackberry recipes. Impress the whole gang with these great blackberry recipes, perfect for any setting.


Blackberries show up at the markets usually in August and can last through the first frost in November. Versatile and sweet, they make a bright addition to cakes, slumps, cobblers, pies, sauces, and other cooked dishes, but when berries are truly at their peak, their flavor is perhaps best enjoyed simply eaten out of hand. Never run out of ways to use up that blackberries this season with these great recipes.





How To Buy

Blackberries do not ripen after they've been picked. They should be starting to get soft when touched. If they are too firm, they're not yet ripe and will be sour to taste. Look for plump, juicy "fruitlets" — those tiny pockets of juicy goodness that make up a blackberry—  that smell fragrant; avoid soft, shriveled, or moldy fruit.

How To Store

If you're not planning on consuming them immediately, store blackberries in the refrigerator. Leave loose on a shallow pan or dish that allows them to breathe. Don't wash them until you're planning to use them (moisture will promote bacterial growth), and keep them refrigerated for a maximum of two days.

How To Prepare

Rinse berries in cold water and pat dry with kitchen towels. To hull a strawberry, see the video tutorial below. When you're ready to eat the blackberries, wash them very carefully in cold water, and drain them — never soak them in water. Remove any that appear to be bruised or decayed, and dry the rest gently with a paper towel.